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Sunday, 1 January 2012

In Power?

Politicians eh? You know when they are lying, their lips move! The one point about the whole snouts in the trough system that really grates and there is a huge list which includes free travel, subsidised meals and accom and favoured tax status by HMRC is amazingly the lie perpetuated and supported by the so called unbiased television and other media news people.
Yes I'm getting to it, the whole grit in my ointment is the use of the phrase (or rather misuse) "in power".
Now I'm not sure when those self appointed guardians of our language started to allow its use but it seems to be in common parlance now.
The phrase should be in service as they are serving us the electorate and are therefore our servants elected by us to serve.
Now if that seems too feudal then in office could be a slightly less contentious term but in power never.
Power comes from a wall socket or a dictator!
Stand up for your rights and make those damn servants serve!

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