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Monday, 16 January 2012

Have you ever wondered how you get spam?

No I'm not talking about the tinned stuff nasty as that can seem until you are hungry. I'm talking about the junk e mails offering you all sorts of treasures if you click this link. The latest ones to get my goat are the on line casinos, I don't gamble, well not with money anyway, I don't have the nerve!
I do frequent facebook but not Linkedin as it constantly demands access to your email address book to "see" if it can help you search for friends on Linkedin!
Well I'm sorry but these sites are all about bragging about your job and educational status and there are very few people I like that use them so No I wont be allowing access.
The latest Facebook scam is to send you an innocent looking message from a friend in Calendar which wont open unless you allow it to access your personal details.
that may be fine if you want everyone to see what you have planned this year etc but I certainly don't want to share my business contacts with the whole of FB!
So think before you click, it may look innocent now but try and unsubscribe from it later!!!!!

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