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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Europeans fat lazy and workshy, who'd have thought it?

Well even the BBC did many years ago when the French Socialists introduced their crazy early retirement age and seemed to be happy for the hard working Northern Europeans to pick up the tab! The protests when Sarkozy took office on a platform of reducing these expensive follies were all about those who may have to work longer rather than those who would now pay for their idleness!
At last the other side of the pond recognises the problems too;
"Chart of the Day: Europe’s real problem – they don't work enough
And they don't work enough because the pensions and benefits on offer are just too generous in the world's ‘lifestyle superpower'. "

Interesting read!

Time for more shooting, today I was over in the wood feeding the pheasants and getting ready for the last weekend of the season, a guest day on Friday, syndicate day on saturday and a combined beater and guns walk up on Tuesday!
Dogs will be happy for the rest!

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Hippo said...

Are you gearing yourself up for your run for leadership of UKIP? Or now that Scoltland is leaving the Union, the English IP?