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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And in further news

After 3 attempts at trials and numerous enquiries the PC World version of events has been accepted and 2 nasty horrid white men have been found guilty of murder!
Now the Hampstead set can chatter happily in peace at their dinner parties safe knowing that it took a Labour political apparatus to change the centuries old principle that you cant be charged twice for the same crime just to prove what we all already knew!
Not that I am defending them, that will be some other scum sucking liberal lawyer sucking at the public teat to pay his cleaners wages in his Dordogne farmhouse!
No what will be amazing and sad yet amusing if not infuriating all at the same time is that the police who cocked it up from start to finish will be dragged through the courts again and proved to be instituitionally incompetent.
Makes a change I suppose!

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