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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

sausage time

The Mc Shug Venison mountain; Remember this?

so something like 50 pounds of frozen venison put through the porkert hand mincer, thanks to legal richard about 20 pounds of berkshire free range belly was next on the list for mincing
The next day I headed into town for the morning only to be disturbed by this;

I wasnt too sure about Santas little helper, well she wasnt too little and what was Santa doing in the Anne Summers shop anyway?

So after the meeting with the Bank it was home and wait for Mc Shug to turn up and give a hand, I sorted out the minced and herbed venison from the fridge and set up on the dining table in the conservatory;

The sausage skins and stuffer all came from Ascott Smallholdings a great place to buy from and good after sales service. I tend not to buy seasoning mixes annd dont ever use a filler but I do mix my own spices etc. here is Chillie, chillie and chives and BBQ;

The finished article are hung overnight and this time of year the conservatory is cool enough overnight even down here. the excess blood etc drains out and they get packaged up and either frozen or chilled for this weekends shoot breakfast. There is a good few months worth of sausage here for the boys and I and I have kept to one side about 2 pounds of mince for the christmas eve sausage rolls;

A fine way for an old buck to go, the rest is jointed and we shall enjoy a little roast on Christmas day.