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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Public sector unions and strikes

Was it worth it? Really now be honest unless transport stops then no one really noticed the strikes. A few people were inconvenienced but really the airports ran smoothly and the only people out of pocket were the ones taking a day off work!
Dont get me wrong the right to industrial action is enshrined in law but with rights come responsibilities so I am aking if the Unions really do believe that George Osborne is lying and their pensions are fully funded then please put the figures out in the open so the rest of the public (The ones who pay for your pensions) can see if and who is lying!
You both cant be right! Its a simple fact that that clown Brown wasted billions in foreign aid and propped up his core electorate with pfi projects that have mortgaged away our future.
Now the coalotion has too pick up the pieces and its a broken mess. Labour gave us the current recession but I have no faith that Cameron will get us out of it. In fact I cant see us being in the clear for 10 years.
Politicians just cant be trusted, in fact the sort of person who leaves school wanting to get into politics shouldnt be allowed to be one!

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Hippo said...

I like where you are going with this. So once all the strikers have been shot, we can force the politicians to dig their graves and then we can shoot them as well.

Have you got enough ammunition?