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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Funny but not for the kids

Yes you may have seen it before but here it is again!

Now since the very good reception this has had I have been sent some more;

Before you ask I have no idea how, the Tea Lady wiggles her ear lobes and that freaks me out!


Hippo said...

As soon as Dominic, my 12 year old saw your title, not for the kids, he zoomed in on this and then called me over saying, 'Dad, you gotta see this!'

So perhaps you can answer his question as I couldn't:

'How the fuck can she do that?'

Bambibasher said...

You know I have no idea, the Tea Lady can wiggle her ear lobes and that stumps me!

Stonker said...

About Lass #1.

Even if I only had 2 left, I would happily giver her one.

Bambibasher said...

Hippo, apparently its just flexing pectoral muscles and girls that cant are just lazy is the informed opinion on ARSSE. That said I also agree with Stonker but wouldnt say no to No1 either.