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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Deer ok but badgers Not

So in Scotland the Govt wants to allow Civil Servants even more access to private land to cull deer where it feels deer cull numbers arent being met, now this is solely to protect trees, yes trees. I have no qualms personally about killing deer provided they end up in the food chain but with the DCS using helicopters to drive deer to waiting marksmen and then not letting on if the deer made it into the food chain or not is a bit hypocritical!

Lets face it the same Scottish Govt alond with the Welsh and The Main Govt when Benn was Defra minister denied farmers in TB stricken areas the right to cull badgers to improvine Bovine and then Human health!
I dont know about you but I doubt even hugh Furry Eat them all has a recipe for Caledonian Pine!
Wheres the logic in that? Oh the logic is the deer are property of absentee landlords from England (or so they say) and Badgers (I challenge anyone to encounter a Badger and describe it as cuddly) are infecting Cattle belonging to rich land owning farmers (or so they say). Perhaps its time for a change. Yes I do have a recipe for Badger ham!

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