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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another sunny day dawned, more guns dropped out again due to personal problems etc but the 8 that turned up certainly seemed to have had a really good day of it, breakfast provided by Mike H and despite my best attempts at cremating both sausages and bacon we set off for the first half in good spirits. The bag at tea break was reasonably impressive even if the squirrel and pigeon took a lot of shots to bag;

On drive 5 Richard as usual bagged Charlie, at least this time he had loaded his gun, perhaps the amount of birds remains we find will lower in number. Anthony retrieved the dog fox from Sassy who had decided to retrieve it herself making a half decent job, Brush is in the soak now;

The finally tally was an impressive 3 Cock Pheasants and 3 hens, 3 pigeons, 3 Squirrels, 2 woodcock and 1 fox, quite the varied bag;

We decided to not count the cartridges this time but next time we will try and do a quick pound in lotto for the shots fired total. Joe certainly will be going for a high number.

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