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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Animal welfare?

Fucking complete mong I dont know if you are happy with my use of that description but as Ricky Gervais says dont confuse the person in the joke with the target.
This person obviously has no control over his dog, now labs especially untrained ones can be no end of trouble but the problems are usually tracked to the other end of the lead, got a problem dog?
Got a problem with where to exercise him?
Why not let him loose where you can cause the most damage?
What a complete and utter feckwit!
I have a springer bitch that likes deer far too much for her own good, we realised this early on and trained her to the whistle and when we see a deer we put her on the lead!

Whilst we are on this knotty subject whats good for the tree huggers seems to be ok for the Govt in Scotland
Although you can rely on auntie to sensationalise everything as per usual!

Me I'm going to be controversial here, I dont feel one way or the other for the animals as long as its done properly and with the minimum of fuss and stress, personally I prefer culled animals to enter the food chain and I do have a recipe for Badger ham, I dont hate killing, I actually quite enjoy the well executed shot, its just not the be all and end all, its the end of the stalk and the start of the food process!

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