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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A busy sunday already

The pups were in the kennel Friday night when a fox disturbed them so back indoors now. I was heading up to South London to deliver a trap so on getting home on sat I set one on my front drive and this morning there he was. One .17 hmr sleeping tablet later;

A good sized dog fox with full winter fur, his brush is in the bucket now;

After cleaning up I get a text telling me that the Balham trap had worked, I set off. On getting there I could smell fox as I got out of the truck, its a true infestation. This young vixen of about 9 to 10 months was in the trap;

Not a happy teddy, brush is in the bucket;

So the long drive home begins and thoughts turn to cooked breakfast and walking the dogs. Its patently too hot to walk them so a trip this evening to the beach for a swim will be in order. Its only fair for them to have a break;

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