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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Midland Game Fair 2011

So trailer loaded and ducks lined up ready, must be the final show of the year, thank god for that one!
The Tea Lady had the stand in good order in no time, The Suburban Bushwhacker came along and had a wander round, the weekend topped off by meeting Ghost Rifle, on his feet after being unwell;

The showground filled up quickly as usual on the saturday morning, as per usual there were plenty of examples of what some people thought might be suitable attire, yes it was trying to rain;

Nice Boots;

Well boots are good and the legs went a long way;

More nice boots;

1st evening and we lit the Ozpig, a few beers and some venison meatballs later;

And focussing became a bit harder;

The next day dawned bright, even the solar panels charged up the batteries for a while. Then the dreaded or celebrated red/pink cords put in an appearance;

Plum coloured here, almost a match for the Burgundy throwing dummy;

The ice cream van seemed to be a popular spot to ambush the wearers;


The pink sweater was watching the dog scurry run offs, it attracted a fair crowd, would have preferred them spending but at least they kept the flyball idiots and their schreeching announcer.out of the arena;

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