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Monday, 5 September 2011

Chatsworth House country fair 2011

Well for the second year running we attended, this time it was chaos personified, 6 showers and 6 loos of which 4 of the showers worked to luke warm and were only switched on on day 1 of the fair, what on earth the folk who have been building trade stands all week are supposed to do god knows, a little diesel spent on the generator creates a lot of good will.
Chatsworth is in many ways a typical country fair, a big arena with a few things taking place which the vast majority of folk strung out in the trade stands dont get to see. Typically you are ranged randomely in lines with very limited space at the rear to admin your business and strict limits on movement and access. The show has gone the way of many over the years, away from the main arena and the £5 burger stands the trade seems to be dominted by car dealerships and jacuzzi sales.
Now the show does stand out for its remarkable gun dog events but surely the gun dog events would have a mini gun dog traders village alongside where competitors and spectators can buy the specialised items from traders. No we were told, it would be too exclusive!
so exclusive like the craft tents or the food halls?
I'm sorry Chatsworth but if you want the fair to have any country feel left in it and not become the same as the other big money making efforts on the circuit where the countryside is only driven through to get to an overpriced ticket booth for an expensive mall of housewares and market stalls then you need to put a real emphasis on the gun dogs and have main arena displays with the commentry pointing out that the displays are actually showing what tthe competitors are doing in the 3 or 4 arenas near the river.
Also how can the competition winners pick their prizes if it means spending an hour walking around the show looking for the sponsors stand?
Come on Chatsworth get a grip.

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