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Monday, 5 September 2011

Chatsworth House country fair 2011 part 2 the positive side

On the drive in through Matlock we saw a nicely classic converted forward control camper;

2 hours work and the trade stand is built, left setting up the racking and display till the next morning;

A quick set up the next morning and the day was spent wandering around the grounds, having spent the best part of £500 to be there somehow another £13 to look at the waterfall was a bit of a pisstake, still plenty to see as folk were setting up;

A Daimler Dingo? being delivered;

Ah a saracen, been rattled around in one of those, West Belfast circa 1983;

The Musical ride of the Blues and Royals getting some rehearsal time in;

Opening up for business on day one, overcast skies and not many punters;

The clay pigeons get bigger every year;

Some punters start to roll in;

The showground starts to fill up but very slowly;

On the plus side Sassy came along to be a reluctant model;

Fortunately not a reluctant demonstrator, it always amazes me how many gun dogs cant do simple retrieves and have no patience to wait for the go command;

Well I suppose the positive side is that we are back now and getting ready for the final event of the year, the Midland at Weston Park. I will leave the final word to a fellow trader;

"Trader (holding pheasant dummy).."morning sir"

Joe Public "What's that?

Trader "A pheasant Dummy"

Joe Public"I'm not a dummy I asked you a civilised Question!!!

"Trader" No sir its a pheasant dog training device I throw it for the dog to retrieve"

Joe Public " That's cruel it must hurt"

Trader (puzzled irritated but polite)"Hurt what sir?"

Joe Public"The Pheasant"

Trader (bewildered)"But its dead"

Joe Public" Well it would be if the dog got it"

Trader"Right Sir" (retires before a sarcastic reply gets him thrown off the site)"

Says it all really!

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