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Friday, 12 August 2011

Lowther Castle

Well it is the Lake District and the view of the big house on the way in should have warned us, knee deep chocolate brown mud at the back of all the stands and anywhere a vehicle went. We reversed in and left the trailer hitched up;

Sat in the stand trying to enjoy the radio drowned out by the sound of the rain;

The woking dog arena (apparently beagles dont qualify?) was big enough but more hounds on display would have cheered me up;

The dampness didnt put off the dogs we took, Bluebeard;

And Sampson enjoying a quick walk in the river, or was that the main road? The shop was ok inside apart from the usual leaks again managing to find their way onto the till;

Our Neighbours who kindly loaned me a can opener after I lost my swiss army knife all weekend;

Wait, is that blue sky?

If the weather was odd (and the locals just answer with your dressed wrongly!) the locals made up for it, this chap was enterprising;

Not a target rich environment for Trophy Ruperts and I was rather dissapointed although it may have been the mud colouring everything the same;

More than made up for by a sighting on Tuesday morning outside Euston station, ruperts hiking perhaps?

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