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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 2 I went back to look for a deer with a dodgy leg we had seen yesterday

So I wandered over to the corner of the pasture where we had seen it yesterday and straight away the same herd was there although this seemed to be a different prickett, I sat and waited with Bluebeard, his first stalking trip and the deer got closer. As the herd entered the wood fringe I lined up and fired at the heart and lungs area. oddly though the round struck him below the ear, not where I would aim given the choice. I tested the rifle later and it is on but I can only assume I fluffed the shot, lucky me.
The two pics below show the entry and exit wounds at the top of the neck below the ear, 140 grains of 6.5 swede smashes the neck and death was instant;
I dragged the carcasse up to the firing position and hung him up using the new folding gambrel;

I commenced the gralloch and in no time had the hang of the new method;

It was too hot and full of flies to leave him hanging whilst I waited for the injured prickett to show up so I dragged him back to the chiller. After a mile of dragging I was too pooped so took him home to skin and he will go to the butchers chiller today. Charlie was out after me and bagged another prickett but I dont think it was the injured one, thats thursday and fridays work planned then!

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