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Friday, 5 August 2011

Bunny Bashing with Mc Shug

The day started with a stalk, the client and I had been out in the rain the previous afternoon and not seen anything, it was as if jinx wood was up to its old tricks again, later sat by where I had taken Tuesday Prickett we were pleasantly surprised to see this;

The morning wasnt a total washout, we did between us see a deer! Then in the afternoon McShug came a calling. Off to his local shoot we went and I took the .17 HMR to see if we could thin out a few bunnies. I was first off the mark with a cracking head shot, sadly floppsy had mixie;
You will agree however that when hit properly there is no meat damage;

McShugg got himself on the scorecard as we wandered around the fields and hedgerows;

As we werent equipped for lamping dusk cut us short with a tally of 9 kills one of which was a tree rat, tail in the cure already;

The wander back to the car took in the last strip of cover crop which the rabbits had been hammering;All in all a pleasant day out.

Cheers Mc Shug

1 comment:

LongSword said...

.17 is a great round for bunny bashing, as long as it's not windy and you are going for head shots. Looks like you had fun.