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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

well Kent happened and the CLA

Damp it was for sure but we raised £500 for charity, half to hounds for heroes and half to kent Air Ambulance. Thanks to Stewart from Nobs and his Son Alex amongst the many helpers;

The Tea Lady treated us all to a slap up feed, all of us who were too tight or skint to stay in a hotel;
After 48 hours of drying out we headed north to Blenheim Palace for the 2011 CLA Game Fair. Whilst we were really rather busy I couldnt actually capture every example of the red strides as there were so many so I found another mother lode;

We also managed to get the Gambrels in in time and on the shelf, not flying out but a steady seller without a doubt;

Maybe there will be more pics to follow once I find where they are stashed.

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