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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sussex Game and Country fair Day 1 saturday in the rain

The site that greeted me after a night of heavy rain when I opened the stand, thats 240 litres for the French minded, 52 UK Gallons or 63 US gallons and I know this as I couldnt lift it over the frame and ended up using the 60 litre boxes to carry it out after a slash and repair job sorted the roof out;

An early start for the red trousers;

The stand looked almost normal in the brief spell of sunshine;

We took the three mature girls with us so they would have some time away from the pups, Sassy entered a scurry as well;

The big house looks really nice even in such dire weather;


More red strides with Mandatory black Lab even if no tweed jacket is seen;

One of the rarer dry moments;

Spotted at close of play again;

More on Day 2 later.

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