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Monday, 6 June 2011

A busy weekend

So saturday dawns really early, in fact a good forty minutes earlier than the BBC Weather report stated, cheers auntie! Anyway I spent saturday morning with Hugh and Larry out looking for Roe Bucks. We had seen the does here before so the Bucks should be around. The pastures have been reseeded and starting to grow at last. here is Larry happy despite being unable to pick of a bunny with the .22lr;

We took a dog as usual and this time it was Sassy's turn, we saw one of may squirrels and this one I couldnt resist, its all good practice for Sassy:

Sadly ruined the meat on him, he was a lot closer than I normally shoot at Squirrels;

At least the tail was good and after a quick how to with Larry I popped the tail in the bag;

We caught up with Hugh at a high seat and out on the adjacent pasture was a herd of about a dozen Fallow does all over 250 yards away grazing quietly;
This is possibly the most productive grasslandd in the county in terms of deer numbers, a sure fire freezer filler;

The wind was in our favour so no need for whispers at this distance;

The afternoon was spent testing a rifle at the wood, I cant say much about it yet.

The next morning came with its forecast rain, I expect the fact that Steve had thoughtfully brought a ton of water for the pheasants helped;

In fact with a return trip that afternoon we managed to fill both ICBs and top of 3 of the 60 gallon drums, I think getting some more drums will be important;

Whilst we were filling the water and strimming the Rhodedendrons on drive 2 the Hardcore Fairy arrived;

Its panning out to be a good season ahead, a newish strain of birds, plenty of water and enough guns to make a difference.

Next work party will be later this month although should any shoot members decide they want to get stuck in there are plenty of beaters paths still in need of cutting and pegs that need clearing.

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