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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Highclere Castle Game and Country fair

Well we arrived, set up and this year camped out. It was a gloomy start to both days and it certainly rained on our camp fire attempts to watch the football on the little screen;

Dinner was sausage sarnies on the Ozpig and then it was used again the next night for a lovely beef stew. The pig lit well with one portion of quick lighting BBQ coal followed by some lovely dry English Hardwood logs;

Again the morning broke cool and slightly drizzly but soon changed as can be seen, the stand was smaller this year but it didnt seem to reflect in the pace of business;

Our Neighbours were selling attractive looking ladies country clothing, fortunately to attractive looking country ladies here;

And Here;

And Here;

The red cords/jeans made an appearance, its a game fair after all;

Slightly offset by the humorous tee shirts on display;

The second Morning was pretty dire looking;

Especially when compared to the same time the day before;

More red cords on day 2;
And more;

Tracked into the stand;

Topped by this rather pink pair though;

The Neighbours;

Very nice they were and a pleeasure to be there. I would like to thank Mc Shug and Helen for helping out, we really couldnt have done it without them!

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