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Thursday, 7 April 2011

So Tom on holiday from University calls and asks if he can practise his 3 position shooting as he has been selected for the UOTC team. Fine says I, bring ammo and rifle, oh neither, ok then I'll come along. So I did and a fun morning wwas had by both of us. In the end Tom took away one of Pauls new hunshead targets filled with holes. After all it cant all be hard work can it;

The Huns Head was shot along with a handful of clays after spending 4 hours shooting at 1 inch squares at 100 yards in 4 different shooting positions. I think I'd want a break after that! It was/is the hottest day so far with temps rising to above 23 degrees out of the gentle sea breeze we enjoy down here;

Stalking in the morning, Physio in the afternoon, a busy life to be lead!

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