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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Richard Corrigan

For it is him no doubt, showing mere mortals how to cook venison on Channel 4 cookery school. Yes he is a real mans chef, you can tell not just his stout build and the face with more chins than the hong kong phone directory (a bite like me then according to the Tea Lady) but he has a lovely flossie with him and he claims his cooking is inspired by his mums (or in his case Ma's) home cooking back in dear old Ireland.

So whats not to like? Well he too has fallen for the sea bass bullshit, sad to say but a fine cook as well!

Still if his mums cooking is anything like my mums, (more cordonned off than cordon bleu) then there will be one or two truly magnificent meals that she did really well as well as making do with sod all in the way of ingredients.

For truly memorable meals that they make really well, if you live in North London specifically Hampstead then its called a signature dish by luvvy chefs.

Anyway I can only hope he has taught those students to respect the venison, it doesnt just walk into the restaurant on its own you know!


Brian said...

I prefer sea-caught grey mullet (estuary fish have that freshwater muddy flavour) to sea bass. Much cheaper.

Bambibasher said...

See even you are doing it, its Bass, not Sea Bass. Mumbles into mug of PG Tips, Damn trendy fools Harumph!

You certainly wrote sea caught Mullet despite them mainly being caught in estuaries, why not call them Estuary mullet?

My point is that you only gget Bass from the sea not from lakes so adding the word Sea to them poor fish doesnt make them taste any damn different!
Apologies for becoming the first casualty in my war on fancy foodies!

Brian said...

But do you only get Bass from the sea?

Estuary mullet would be confused with cockney.