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Friday, 22 April 2011

The London Olympics

2012 or sports answer to the annual luvvies back slapping fest aka the Baftas is again the subject of a little press coverage. I say a little as they seem to be trying to keep it under wraps in the main, after all you wouldnt want your dirty washing aired in public now would you, especially if that washing was all about money?

Now lets look back at this classic British comedy or should I be more accurate and say farce?

Foist upon the taxpayer (some would say ungrateful) by a Labour Govt and now they are rowing about the cash surplus forecast from the event. Sorry but where did the money come from to fund this?

I'll keep it simple shall I? The BBC account shows this from 2006:
Brown reveals 2012 funding boost
Chancellor Gordon Brown has used his Budget speech to reveal details of an injection of funds to boost British hopes at the 2012 London Olympics.
A national School Olympics and a £600m funding package for athlete training were the key parts of his plan.
"The 2012 Games is for athletes to excel in, but must be an event all Britain can share in," he said.
British Olympic Association boss Simon Clegg said the government should be "congratulated for their commitment".
Lottery funding would supply £300m for "training and facilities for our world-class athletes of the future", with £200m of public money and £100m coming from private sector sponsorship.
The additional £300m means all Olympic sports can focus on programmes that will contribute to the target of fourth place in the 2012 medals table
Simon CleggBOA chief executive; The money is to be added to the £60m a year already targeted at elite athletes and potential medal winners.
The School Olympics will be open to all school children across the country every year from now until 2012, with the first event taking place in Glasgow, and then moving round the country.
The BOA said it was pleased with the £300m pledge, which will come from public money and private sponsors and is in addition to the £300m in lottery funding which already comes through UK Sport's World Class Performance programme. "
Ok so we have already spaffed away £60 million a year at the atheletes who are professionals, yes in the main they get paid to perform and whilst they tend to retire from sports earlier than most workers they also tend to pick up lucrative post sport careers usually in media so again usually paid for by us the taxpayer.
Now compare this to 1936 when a young Streatham girl couldnt afford the tickets to the Berlin Olympics despite having been selected to represent her country in the High Jump. Result?
Well she stayed ordinary Barbara Brown, married My Grandfather during the war and the rest is history.
So should we fund the olympics? I cant honestly say we should, not at least to the current tune. The whole disgraceful dirty laundry issue just goes to show how little they care for the taxpayer that keeps them in silk. The money should go back to the taxpayer and be used to fund the country, the whole country and not just the London centric politicians pet projects.

Will I be attending?
no way not in a million years would I waste a penny of my wages on that! Worst of all you have to have a visa card to apply for tickets. Add the handy link on the tickets website to apply for a card and they are just taking the piss. We are in enough debt already without borrowing cash at extortionate rates to see atheletes funded by my taxes come last again!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

And what have they done for shooting in the uk?
[sound of pot being stirred]


Bambibasher said...

I think the correct answer is irrepairable damage!

Anonymous said...

"And what have they done for shooting in the uk?"

The short answer to that is. Waste £15m of tax payers money, whilst leaving no permanent sporting legacy. As was their promise to the nation.

It that ain't a FU I'm all right jack situation I don't know what is.

Bambibasher said...

I have a normal policy of no anonymous comments but that is so true it stays. I'm no fan of the Notional Rifle Association or the NSSC but despite all their howlers they have over the years provided somewhere for shooters to call home albeit for an extortionate cost. In fact they have done as much harm as succesive anti shooting govts and ACPO's have to kill of shooting as a sport in this country.
I rate rifle shooting (Match or TR) somewhere up with formula 1. The guys with the most money will win by buying the best kit and coaching. It is almost predictable but without the long range match boys our normal rifle shooting would still be stuck with issue kit.

Anonymous said...

Apologise for the anon posting. I blame it on the fact I just don't know how to make the non anon stuff work.

Olympic shooting is not just restricted to Match and TR rifle both c/f and r/f. There's the target pistol, air, and clay shooting disciplines. Not a single one will be left with a lasting legacy from 2012 games.

British shooters have taken more medals from the Olympic and Commonwealth Games over the last 50 years than any other sporting activity. They won over half British teams medals in India in 2010.

Yet we don't even get a permanent venue built. Unlike cycling! Or have an existing national center up grade.

Bambibasher said...

Apparently the Sidney shooting centre is in a state, perhaps leaving a legacy outside of the shooting orgs isnt a good idea, wamkers they may be but at least they know how to look after a range even if it is to bulldoze a decent one to build a clay layout for the 2002 commonwealth games. Remember those games? yes in Manchester, it seems that the LOC think that Bisley is close enough to Manchester but not London.
cunts the lot of them, all for atheletics and such like but nothing for shooting!

Anonymous said...

The Sydney International Shooting Centre in Cecil Park, has ben used for 5 ISSF wold cup events since the 2000 Olympics. The last one was only a few weeks ago. It didn't look to shabby then. At least they have one!

IMO the politics that have been a part of this whole shambles called the 2012 Olympics. Has had more to do with why we end up with a cycling stadium and no shooting complex, a white water facility and no clay lay out, and why both the equestrian and shooting centers will be temporary venues in Greenwich Park.

There's a very bad smell about the whole thing and its not just fishy!

Bambibasher said...

To be honest the shabby comment came from a Sydney shooter about 55 years ago when I was enquiring about a possible emigration. We have had some great ranges in this country all sold off for development or had silly restrictions put on them. he UKNRA are little help when it comes to anything other than their team tours for TR.

Bambibasher said...

Sorry that should have been 5 years not 55!