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Sunday, 10 April 2011

First work party done

Yesterday was the first shoot work party, we built a catch water for all the regular rain we get. probably be a damned drought now. Still I managed to leave a flask behind in the wood and some other bits and bobs. I did take a picture but somehow lost that as well! Never mind, at least I've eaten and starting to perk up again, I still cant open the beers that Mc Shug bought for me! That said we have what must amount to close on an acre of wild garlic in our Little Italy drive so I may be saving on the cooking herbs this spring! Best bit about the work party was meeting all the shoot members bar 2 and only one of those was a new one. A bit of a result really! Also been working on getting a rifle in to test, I'll let you know when it arrives, it really looks promising!

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