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Friday, 1 April 2011

The doe season is over again

It ended an hour after last light yesterday, by that time I was already home having brought back the last doe to be shot by our team this season. 65 yards 7.62 x 39 handload (to keep to legal muzzle energy limits) in a CZ 527. Not one for being squeamish but I'm glad the season is over, every doe shot since christmas was pregnant and this one was no exception. The shot was good, taken standing I went against my usual convention and employed the set trigger. Result was one neat shot through the heart and lungs and one very dead deer;

We used a tree for the gralloch this time, it did keep the carcasse cleaner but wasnt as easy as a table! She bled out really well as Mc Shug found out when covered in claret!;

So the Fallow bucks continue for another month and the Roebucks started this morning. As a note we saw a Roe Doe on the far side but didnt get a shot, she was in front of the high seat fleetingly so we know she will bring us a buck there soon enough! Add to that the impressive Muntjac sign and we have a busy year ahead of us again.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Nice one, that'll be the freezer full to burstin' then!

Any pic from the Shugster?


Bambibasher said...

Mc Shugs video camera gave out, mind I shot it before he could get the camera out!
he should have a clip available at least of me dragging it back to where we gralloched it!