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Friday, 8 April 2011

21 again

Ok so more like 46 feeling 56 and I didnt sleep a wink. Not sure if it was sunstroke or just a bug but I was in dog order and still am slightly tender to say the least. I should have been up at 5am to go deerstalking but by the time the alarm went off I had only had about an hours sleep. It was 3pm before I ventured outdoors to see how hot it was, 21 degrees they said on the TV. They obviously dont broadcast the weather report from my back garden! Still today I am in better fettle if still not 100% and it's our first work party for the coming season so hopefully as many as possible will turn up bringing faces to get to know and willing hands to do all the work we will find today. Apart from tidying the pen our major investment this year is to build a catch water for all the rain we seem to get. It will save on carting drums of water down there. That said we will probably have a drought!

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