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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Last weekend of the doe season

So Rob and I met up to make a last attempt to thin the herd. We were hoping to take a yearling or two, there are plenty out there and despite the dawn stand to in a high seat we saw nothing moving till after 1030. This time to ensure we can track a blood trail we took along Cody. I've not used her before for stalking and I have to admit she was really very well behaved but even for her the dry leaves could prove too tempting. Here she is curled up making the most of her comforts;

Turn up the volume and at about 20 seconds you can hear her snoring whilst we watch over the pasture;

The amount of dried leaves here is amazing, it makes the stalking really slow and difficult, I had to carry Cody for the last 25 yards;
Cody had to be carried over these leaves but shortly after when we were heading back we bumped a nice small herd of Fallow Does, in all we saw over 20 deer including a very nice buck.

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