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Monday, 28 February 2011

Newark, The British Shooting Show

Another year goes around and we find that the show organisers had delivered on their promises, a great show and almost all under one roof. I do feel that the fishing stuff would have been better in one line rather than across the top of gun dogs and game keeping as it seemed to form a boundary! The trade stand took almost 4 hours to build this year, only 1 to take down thanks to six helpers; In amongst the dog traders with the competition, good natured as always;

Paul and Richard supping tea early on saturday before it got too busy;

The layout with the new birds from Dokken, I need to practise with the new point and press;
So its a shooting show and I'm an RFD so I took a couple of walks about, I did happen across this stand and much to my pleasure have been offered loan of something for testing;
Something from the deep recesses of my memory and my youth;
Something I will really enjoy;
So the 2011 show season has started, hunting the outlandishly or innapropriately dressed punters season has opened. I bagged this Gent close to our stand;
This poor chap looked like a rabbit in the headlights;
The red cords made a very welcome return;

Even a matching ensemble was seen;

Large and small;

As sunday wore on and the crowds faded we squared away the packing and were very thankful for the heating which worked this year and wasnt stolen;

The crowds drew down to a trickle and we packed up and went back for a last night in the noisiest travelodge on the A1.


ajdshootist said...

Nice,was the SLR L1A1 a straight pull and in 7.63 or another caliber.

Bambibasher said...

Yes it was a straight pull in 7.62 x 51 or .308 if you prefer. It has a black painted match barrel but I will get a spec sheet for when it is here for testing.