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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Its been a quiet few weeks since the season ended.

We dont catch up birds and breed here, its too small a shoot for that, we settle for buying in and any strays from the neighbours, well they pot enough of ours. Sadly though despite what the picture shows we dont do enough fox control. These were tanned ready for the British Shooting Show at Newark where I will be selling them;
This week did allow enough sunshine to get out and do some rifle training withh young Alix;
A quick check zero and time to put some work in on a deer target, last time we tried different shooting positions, this time we are concentrating on getting good shots in on the kill area as a confidence booster;

There is always time to have a pop with Dad's rifle as well;
No leaves on the trees means the shooting is a little easier;

Following some adjustment the rifles grouped nicely on the target;

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