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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Its been a while

Well about a week anyway so a trip to one of the farms up on the Weald was in order, Alan dressed for the occaision and the weather despite blowing a steady North Easterly breeze was kind to us;

The view from the first and often very fruitful spot showed how much rain we have had recently;
We traipsed across to the other side and I took the high seat whilst Alan walked the boundary. There were foxes running everywhere and Alan saw 2 chasing a Roe;

After Alan caught back up we stalked to where I had seen Fallow on the pasture from the high seat;

This is what had been hidden behind the trees, sadly something was amiss and they pronked off to the cover again;
Whilst sat waiting for them another large dog fox ran almost straight at me. He got to about 15 yards when a 140 grain bullet from the 6.5 stopped him dead crushing his skull;
Tail off for tanning and he wasnt a bad specimen, 36 inches nose to tail;

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