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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Wags day as I asked for but never mind at least we ended up with 10 guns even if 2 of the beaters were loaned guns to get stuck in. An exceptional breakfast of sausages, bacon and black pudding was served in buttered rolls. Thanks Nigel. Here we are getting ready to start;

Guests getting ready to saddle up, the first drive was good, plenty of birds shown even if not many shot, a mark for things to come perhaps?
The first 3 drives over and 3 Woodcock in the bag, now for tea and Nigels exceptional Christmas Cake;

Then the final 3 drives started, things were getting serious, people were hitting Pheasants and heaven forbid even more Woodcock, Alex managed a nice hen with his 28 bore;

The final Tally was 2 Brace and 1 Cock of Pheasant and 11 Woodcock, 16 birds, our best day yet and definetly more birds flying than being hit;

With bags like this I'm sure the shoot can only get stronger, a great start to the new year and a good effort by both Guns and Beaters. The bang to bird ratio was 4 to 1, I'll settle for that especially with the challenging snap shooting in woodland.


Hippo said...

What an excellent start to the New Year!

I hope it just gets better and better for you.

Best regards from a hot and very sweaty Angola

Bambibasher said...

Thanks Hippo, it was a great day, I hope your new year went well, I stayed dry till after the shoot. Much better than shooting with a hangover!