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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow just about everywhere

Its snowed pretty much non stop since saturday morning, I measured the depth built up on my garden table and its already at 10 inches;

This was Monday morning on the Downs, the local hills at the back of the house;

Tuesday morning in Abbotts wood;

More in Abbotts Wood;

Last night at work during Tea Break;

This morning walking the dogs, and yes work is still on so I'm about to leave;

Oddly enough the roads are clear and provided the council continue to grit then I am off to Hampshire for saturdays shoot!
I really hope it doesnty get cancelled!


Hippo said...

Looks more like nine inches to me according to your tape measure but then, as I frequently say to my girlfriend, 'Let's not quibble over a missing inch..or two'

Bambibasher said...

The snow is scallopped away at the front otherwise you wouldnt have been able to read the tape!