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Saturday, 4 December 2010

A day in Hampshire

So the view along the cover strip, not what we are used to seeing but very nice none the less;

The walking gun and beaters make their way into the field;

After the cover strip we beat the river bank onto the sedge beds, the village church looks very atmospheric in the mist and snow;

A beat along the river bank towards the sedge beds;

The beat through the second half of the sedge;

Not a bad haul for the game cart;

The dogs seem pleased enough with their handiwork;
Till 2 weeks time then for here.

I have decided that in future anonymous posts will be deleted, much of what is commented on has no bearing to the circumstances under which we labour. If you dont like what you see then post using a name I can reply to!
The beating was difficult in the sedge and flags if used are merely for tapping against sticks, this time the sedge (which is almost untappable at the best of times was rougher than usual thanks to the snow) Any sticks were used to keep the handful of dedicated beaters upright and barring calling forrard for birds in that mist which was a good thhing to do, the only guns addressed were the pair backgunning who deserve a decent chance.
The birds were all held either by the claws or necks until put into a game carrier by the neck. All birds shot are consumed by the shoot.
If you dont like it then go ahead and buy your 500 bird day and we will enjoy our shoot!

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