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Saturday, 30 October 2010

So a quiet saturday on the shoot

It didnt start out wet, in fact the rain we had yesterday looked all blown out, big mistake, showers all morning and missing 4 guns meant we had holes in the line that the birds slipped through. Bag for the day turned out to be a Woodpigeon and a Jay so well done the Croydon boys; Sadly Nigel and I missed an easy cock pheasant, I hope I didnt put him off.
Now some of you may recall the series earlier this year of Darwin award Candidates, thanks to Toni I can restert the nominations;

Perhaps someone can educate me as to the country of origin?


ajdshootist said...

I think it was Taiwan!And the guy in the motorised chair Died!

Hippo said...

South Korea.

We really shouldn't laugh, should we...