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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

At the Zoo?

Ok feeding time it is, or rather feed collection time, a whole tonne of the stuff and without the help of Ben and David I wouldnt have managed it in a day let alone 2 hours;

2 trips to the magic grainstore and we are set for the rest of the season. That may even see us up until the birds are delivered again. Who knows? I have some extra feeders ready so even though all the existing lot are full we can make a start next week!

The pups are coming on well, nice to see Mum taking a break from them;

Still no closer to naming them yet!


Hippo said...

Names, always a tough call.

For the males, how about naming them after famous hunters:

Freddie (Frederick Selous or Frederick Russell Burnham)

Ernie (Ernest Hemingway)

Robbie (Robert Ruark)

Frankie (Frank M. ‘Bunny’ Allen). He was Hemingway’s outfitter.

And the females after Godesses of hunting, Artemis (Greek), Diana (Roman), Skadi (Norsk)

Just an idea.

Bambibasher said...

Thanks, just have to remember the Kennel Club Affix, Giapsii!

Hippo said...

Knowing nothing of the Kennel Club, its rules or breeding dogs, I hadn't a clue what you meant by your reply. Having done a bit of research to correct my ignorance, one of the names just has to be Giapsii Bristol Cities...

Bambibasher said...

That made oi larf!