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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A day in the woods getting wet is better than any day at work

I spent the day with Alex, Alan and Tony cutting about reducing the amount of brush and bramble and generally finding feeders. We seem to be constantly impressed by the amount of work Colin our part time game keeper puts in. He is a star. I did however complete the double with Toni's power tools, I have killed his brush cutter;

That put paid to another couple of hours planned work so I got on with testing a rifle.
Feeding the piggy was 139 grain Privi Partisan, FMJ and SP;

Very nice rifle, from the 1950's according to Sako Forums, topped with a nice Pecar 6x42;

The first Group FMJ at 50 yards, group size was 1 inch with 1 declared flier;

Benchrest target with 5 rounds soft point, 1 inch group with 1 flier;

Getting on with it;


ajdshootist said...

Good value for money that Privi ammo
i load most of my own ammo but always
keep at least 100rds of there ammo about just in case i get lazy.

Bambibasher said...

I bought a lot in when it was cheaper than handloads, crazy eh? Still nice to compare it to the premium bullet handloads I have. All I can get at the Moment in Federal is Fusion and even trade rates hurt, god knows what the retail is!