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Monday, 6 September 2010

Chatsworth House country fair

A weekend well spent here is definetly worth the travel

The stand set up with help from Claypig, the view on the drive in was worth the pitch money!

Opposite us was the gundog scurries, both of them, well run and well laid out. A real challenge.

Of course our customers come first, we saw that plenty of water was available;

There was always something to see, from the red arrows to hot air ballons, from free fall parachute displays to stunt pilots;

Not forgetting the red strides were evident, poor targets here especially for a 3 day gun dog event, sad really;

They still showed up from time to time;

Just enough to remind me that someone doesnt leave the house unless mummy has dressed them;

As this was in Derbyshire we certainly saw some unique local variations on the unable to get dressed front;

This chap has nearly matched his lady friends waistcoat;

At least it wasnt a blue quilted coat;

Obviously a refugee from the 1960's denim and red trousers, oh the shame;

Sheffield Muzzle loaders had a nice display of british service arms as did the HBSA but I forgot to get the camera out there;

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