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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Weekend training course

Rob after much to-ing and fro-ing arrived for his introduction to woodland stalking course. Great chap, bags of the right attitude, training took place and so started the assesment. A trip to a local beauty spot in the pouring rain, enough to dampen anyone's enthusiasm but we perservered and the sun shone;

Eventually 3 Fallow Does and Fawns came out, not in season but nice to see nonetheless:

Getting a clear close up wasnt easy;
Zoom the digi camera right in and look through binos;

The next morning after a god awfully early start we set off in the company of Colin and visited 2 woods where we had seen fallow Prickets and Roe Bucks this week. Nothing doing, a light shower and Northerly wind put a crimp in that plan. Still Damian dropped off a Roe Buck he had taken this morning so after the exam that was split in two and two stalker went away with something for their freezers.

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