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Monday, 2 August 2010

The Tea Ladys day out

I wasnt going to write about her pampering day in Fareham now was I, after dropping her off the boys and I visited Fort Nelson, well worth the trip;

Iraqui super gun being restored:
Mortar with a load of old balls;

The walls are veery thick but the fort faces out away from the sea, to defend Portsmouth from Land attack;

Some very interesting exhibits, before my time most of them;

Another BullDesign (not before my time);

A sexton, know the difference, I didnt but I knew it wasnt a priest, no pulpit see;

More bits of best Sheffield steel being polished;

Being the Royal Armouries there is always something interactive, a bren and No 4 rifle range simulator;

They have far to many 25 pounder guns here, so many in fact that they let them off at noon each day;

The Bira gun, go on, google it;

Cute little thing;

More mountain guns for Afghanistan, sounds familiar?;

This is more my style and also my technical ability especially at my age, good old LDV;

Russian 45mm anti tank gun, not great but better than nothing;

155mm long Tom, US Army awaiting restoration as is much there;

A fair scattering of stuff from the Andrew in need of TLC;

Now a 64 pound RML overlooking the ramparts;

Inside one of the very large parrot mounts;

2 x BARC sat awaiting TLC at Pounds in Pompey

The man also owns at least one remaining Chieftan with Stillbrew armour (he cut up the other 34);

Hayling Island looking back across to Pompey, a nice spot for fish and chips;

The end of the line, well for today at least, I'll post more later;

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