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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Tales of black pudding ommelettes

I thought that whilst finishing breakfast of Black Pudding ommelette I would catch up on a few things. Tuesday was spent here enjoying hospitality courtesy of Sir Humphrey;

For any of you not into navigating town its here;

There was a lot of this about and very unusual it was too;
I thought I would help CAMRA's campaign for mild (wish I hadnt the next day) as with a lower abv I would be able to stay put for longer;

Lots of choice even if I couldnt get the camera to work all the time;

This one I certainly liked, maybe I am an old man after all?;
Who could resist such an invitation?;
This was one of the later brews when the Stockport gang arrived in town;
This one may explain some unusual colours;
Yes even here the mecca of real ale is a pair of red cords;
I had intended to write this up yersterday but I was cut short by the visit of Richard, Alix and Sam, more to follow.

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