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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Opening day of the Fallow Buck season Part 1

A trip to the wood for a check zero and to see if the replacement foresight protector would stay on this time, oh yes;

A short evening stalk to see what Roe Bucks werre around in what has to be one of the most beautiful bits of the county;

Yes there certainly was a buck or two about;

There was a certain amount of effort put in by Mark, worthy of a good stalker, no comments on his marksmanship other to say that he did kill the second buck, yes the one behind you!;

Found in the long grass, a good cull buck, well worth taking out;

Mark was very happy, his first sussex Roe Buck;

He very nearly smiled;

Evidence that he was a poor specimen with a damaged antler;

Time to try out the Roe Sack, a good fit as well;

A night spent sleeping n the wood waiting for the Fallow bucks to start but alas the rabbits and pigeons seemed to grass us up. Leaving the wood early on meant we had time for breakfast courtesy of Rob the saffer;

Mark with his stirrer, hygenic no, practical yes, nice fresh venison fillet for breakfast;

A good weekend if a little tiring, the four Fallow Prickets we saw will be dealt with a little later, I have a plan for them.
Part two depends upon our breakfast guests, Stewart and Toni providing the pictures.

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