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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Of stalking and deer and other things

A diet of black pudding and mushroom ommelette isnt saving my waistline nor is it making me waterproof, a trip out with a kiwi and an Aussie to a spot we had taken deer from before proved fruitless, maybe they liked the torrential rain even less than wee did;
2 days later and back again at the new piece of ground, this has already yielded some fine fallow bucks this last week but alas all we saw was a fox;
It was a nice view and will be better when I move some high seats into place, Alan has a nice left handed rifle, I really must find out what it is;

Big D managed to bag this one and in velvet it was left to me to attempt to clean it up for mounting, a long hot day on the burner boiling down followed and its now bleaching prior to drying and being cut. The velvet has been treated;
Its so big I had to dig out a big FO bucket for the bleaching;

I must remember that last time I visited the wood I am using this weekend it was full of does, we did see a nice Roe Buck so its him I'll be after!

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