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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show

On the advice of a good friend we decided to visit the above show with our trade stand. On the way down the A303 (a great number for a road which passes through Salisbury Plain, the area where many stout bulldogs trained to fight the enemies of the Crown). We happened across the Hippie magnet, be nice when its finished;

Not great photography but what ellse can be done from the cab of a truck at 55mph?;

We spent Tuesday afternoon squeezing into a half size stand

Then came the march of the red trousers;

And shorts;

Purple hair;

the the sun came out and shone, and off came the tweed jackets;

Even more pairs of shorts;

I was lucky (remember it's a one day show) to visit a couple of other stands nearby and see the great work of Dawn Warr;

A nice cock pheasant above and two Roe Bucks found locked together during the rut;
Some great work there and also nice antler products from Keith Fleetwood of Christchurch;
When it rained and it did so often and heavy it certainly thinned the crowds out;
It made packing up half an hour earlier than planned easy enough to justify. A nice event and lots of contacts made but not sure if the money made justified the expense;

Off to the Edenbridge and Oxted Show for the Bank Holiday weekend, Hnry Toombs wont be along to that one, sadly Salisbury is just too far. It was nice to see him and the Frau, he looking so much better and a quick chat about the merits of reloading .303 and case stretching to help Napier with his first .303'.

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