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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Friday and the weekend starts here

I thought it would be a chance to test the Mauser, no such luck it didnt like the ammo or the scope, new mounts required here;

Chris brought his Ruger 77Mk2 for a zero, he wanted to show me it was on, it still needed to be adjusted despite a session at Bisley earlier that week, another reason I recommend hard cases for vehicle transport;

testing progressed well enough;

The targets were at approx 100 yards;

Which is far enough up and down hill let alone far enough to prove a rifle for deer;

The rfile actually grouped well enough, the target shows two groups, both acceptable and within 2 inches rather than the 4 required;

Having sorted out moving a lod of unused stuff on through e bay we finally got rid off bens Black SJ 413. It looks to have gone to a better home, at least it wont rust away on my front lawn any more.
Bye Bye monkey, the black suzuki is no more;

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