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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Come rain or shine

The Edenbridge and Oxted show goes on. Bank holiday Sunday and monday and despite the awful weather on Sunday afternoon it turned out alright in the end. Even the usual 5 fingered discount mob stayed away after enough hints.
The weather was awful on Sunday and kept most of the crowds away, apart from the odd ones;

The place emptied pretty quickly with the rain;

The next day dawned well, even the moon was out;
Global Rifle had a stand there with a few unusual rifles on display;
In .308 as well but as a single shot it holds little for me;

The red trousers were out on display;

Our neighbours had these hamster racers for sale, very tempting;

Pink Jacket and red trousers;

Red cords;

Sassy, Cody and Suzie came along for the trip, did a few demo's as well;

All in all the best agricultural show takings wise we have done so far this year.

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