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Monday, 9 August 2010

Bowood House

Lochry gundogs did a good demo of whats required from working gundogs;
Tim our Ozpig mate at the end kept us fed, I need to bribe him with more venison;
The stand on day one ready or not although Wiltshire's rain was a surprise;

Some people have an obvious sense of humour and a willingness to be photographed too, nice by the way;

We havent seen a crack smuggler as obvious as this since we did the Broadlands game fair with the same organisation;

Now I was really surprised that I saw this, a Welshman in red strides, where do they find all the taffia in Wiltshire?

We had plenty of space on the stand, well when it wasnt raining we had room inside so we sold a few dog toys this time around;

Pink strides and a denim jacket seen inside our stand;
The Tea Lady met up with Sue one of her school friends from an awfully long time ago;

As usual, red strides wandering by;

And wandering in, it was very hot, I was in a T Shirt and shorts and this chap wore a tweed jacket;

At least this gent sat comfortably watching the displays;

Pink waistcoat, shorts and T shirt, stick of dynamite in pocket, Jimmy Saville accent and mannerisms, yes its the organiser;

And still the red strides walk on by;

We were too close to the main arena at times as the speaker had to be adjusted away on occaision;
The last pair of red strides for the weekend;

Some dogs found it too hot and lay down to drink;

The stand on the sunny part of the weekend;

All in all, not a bad show, didnt make what we should have and we really should have been down at the scurry where our customers are. never mind if they want us back thats where they are going to have to put us!