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Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Wasted weekend

Wasted? Yes most definetly, as I sit here typing this I have returned after only one day at what was sold to us as another Game fair but turned out to be a chavvy dog day.
Southend? Well you can keep the place. Thats 2 weekend wasting time and worse than that, wasting money. After what seemed like a bright start we wondered where the customers were. By noon we had barely had to stir apart from the odd water dummy to sell to punters trying this out;

By the close of play we had explained to the Lady from Aztec events that this wasnt the sort of event to attract our sort of clients and we cut our losses, packed up and came home.

I hate defeat almost as much as admitting defeat but there are some places you cannot succeed and Southend is definetly one of them. Roll on the next event!

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