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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 1 at the New Forest Show

Unpacking and setting up was almost as bad as the last 3 mile drive to the showground and this is the day before it opened. View from the shop wasnt too bad!
The stand looking ok despite the battering it took at Detling, it tried to rain but held of despite some spitting, hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut though!
The deer management standd has some nice examples inside;
Thankfully a beer festival supported by Ringwood brewery:
Of course the hunt for red strides continues apace, this one wasnt even complete, pink shorts I ask you?;
Strolling past aunties OB van was this pair;
This one thought standing was too much
And this couple thought that opposites attract, she obviously went to Cheltenham:
Best shout of the day has to be for most innapropraitelky dressed lady at an Agricultural show, cocktail dress and heels;

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