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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Weekend stalker training

2 new stalking candidates today, Si and Steve, good lads, did the usual, death by dvd and then the wood. After zeroing we nipped off for a stalk and I had some new knives to test;

The top one is a cold steel from Myles at The Outdoorsman, he has lent it to me for testing against the Mora Frost below and the orange Mora in the middle.

We didnt get the chance to try them out as you will see later so we put them in the pocket of the new roesack;

The roesack is being modeled here by Si.

The one success story of that days stalk;
We got very close to a small herd of young looking Fallow Bucks, they crossed our path and eventually caught our scent, the evening went on pretty similar lines;

More to follow

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